My name is Bobby and welcome to my brand!

I am a award winning photographer that focuses on weddings, portraits, fitness, and basically anything you can get in front of a lens! I say anything because I just love to shoot so if you have an idea or concept or important moment in your life that you have to capture I am your go to guy. Trust me no idea is stupid so just ask!

My brand, Bobby Bandz Productions, was started purely on passion and a desire to create art in the form of pictures and videos. The work created here is internationally known and award winning due to the creativity and quality we present in not only our final product but the personality, service, and professionalism we put into each assignment. We go above and beyond for our clients in all aspects and working with us is not just work....its fun and memorable! If you don't believe me just read some of our reviews from past projects.

Currently we are based in the hub Washington D.C area also known as the DMV but we do travel worldwide for projects. and yes I say we because my videography team is one of the best in the area and part of the brand as well. Our team can handle any and video production projects and editing while I handle all of the photography, production, and business side of the brand. Take a look at our videography page to see some of the work we have done!

Don't stress. We got you covered....ask us anything and we will get back to you asap!


Phone: 203-558-9433


Instagram: BobbyBandzProductions