Powerhouse Gym Hanover, Maryland

I love the gym. Plain and simple. I love it as much as I do photography so it is really something I am passionate about. When I have the opportunity to hit a new gym I never been to it is really an awesome feeling. I am sure it may sound stupid to some but to me it is really an unexplainable feeling. When I walked into Powerhouse Gym located in Hanover, Maryland I felt this great ora. The feeling made me want to drop my bags, grab some weights, and start lifting. The gym has this warehouse feel with super high ceilings and truck dock style doors. It is extremely clean and has just the right amount of equipment to get it in. The best part about Powerhouse is it has old school dumbbells along with out of the ordinary things to pick up and put down. Huge tires filled up the corners of the gym along with heavy sledge hammers. There is plenty of room to get creative and really challenge yourself. And if you aren't into weights no worries because there are plenty of cardio machines that will help burn that extra fat off before summer. Below are a few photos I took while I was out there. I suggest if you are in the area you head over and tell them I sent you. You won't be disappointed. You might even run into IFBB Pro Duane Brickhouse and National Qualified NPC Competitor Jay Rawlings. Check out some of the photos below and make sure to check out the full album on my Facebook Page at Bobby Bandz Photography. I would love to hear your feedback and comments.