Miami Nights

This past weekend was my birthday and I decided to head down to Miami for a little getaway. I thought it would be opportunity to get some work done, take some photos, enjoy the weather, and bring in my birthday the right way.

This was the first time I prepared to take my camera gear and laptop with me on a trip outside the state so I was a little nervous and unsure how it was going to turn out. I planned on shooting so I did a little research on a solid carry on case for a DSLR and ended up ordering the Pelican 1510 hard body travel case with rollers for easy maneuverability. Best purchase ever to say the least. This bad boy is beyond sturdy, has all the necessary compartments and space for a bunch of lenses, your body, and  accessories. The combination of the Pelican case and a backpack and you can have everything you need to shoot and edit. In my backpack I was able to carry my laptop, external hard drives, mouse, and all the necessary wires, plugs, and battery charger to last the weekend. I also purchased a TSA approved combination wire lock that was perfect to keep my camera secure while on the plane and in my hotel room. I felt real comfortable no matter were I went so if you are going to travel I suggest you look into the case and lock for sure. 

When I arrived at the hotel in downtown Miami the lady at the front desk said I had a great view of the city and water which is what I paid for but I didn't expect for it to be as good as it was. As soon as I walked onto the huge balcony overlooking the city I knew a night shot was necessary and boom I took this photo below. This was a hand held shot at 1/10 f 2.8 with a 14mm prime canon lens at iso 640. I kind of piggy backed off the Instagram hand-holding couple's photos just without the girl because I'm single but when I do get the girl of my dreams I am sure she will be on the other end holding my hand  experiencing these epic moments. I think I will call this one "you should be here with me". 

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-Bobby Bandz