Face Your FEARS

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat whether the threat is real or imaginable. That is the definition of fear and the crazy part about it is the part stating that FEAR can be REAL or IMAGINABLE. In my opinion fear is just a thought or feeling caused by imaginable things. Danger is real but fear is really made up in out heads. With that being said I have been thinking a lot lately about my business and just life in general. Over the past few months I have been super busy with photo shoots, expanding my business, modeling, and fitness that I have forgotten about some of the little things that need to get done. With all the work I have been doing I have been putting off marketing my art through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and through my website and this blog. I wasn't doing it on purpose but I believe that the fear of posting has been holding me back. I know it sounds stupid but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my craft and everything I do in life. Its a gift and a curse and what I mean by that is it is good for my visual art concepts because every detail is crucial to me which can be seen in my work but at the same time it holds me back in certain aspects like posting and showing off my finished products. One of my mentors hit me with a great quote.... "Perfection is the enemy of progression" and it is so true. I am so picky that it has held me back from even posting anything over the past few months on any of my platforms and that to me is a huge problem.

This mini project was all about facing my FEARS and really indulging in my passion of visual art all in one. So with the first Fear out of the way my second one is that I am deathly afraid of heights. Being higher than 10 feet gives me discomfort and looking down from any edge always makes me nervous. I have been this way since I can remember and I have never really faced it head on. As i was reflecting the other day on my reasons for not posting as much as i should be and the fear of perfection and heights I knew i needed to come up with a way to take on both and that is when the idea of "Rooftopping" hit me. 

"Rooftopping" is the art of creating visuals on a "roof" or an object or building that is of significant height. It is more of a recent man made term but none the less I have been so interested in it since I started shooting but the only thing holding me back from doing it was my fear of heights. Having a fear of heights doesn't work well with these types of visuals but I knew that this would be a perfect way to face my fears, capture some sick visuals, and post some good content. 

The feeling of being that high up was a rush but definitely worth it. Everyone has fears but not everyone is able to admit them not to mention take them on face to face. Below is a mini gallery of what I captured and how I took on both my FEARS at one time.

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-Bobby Bandz