Fitness Photo Shoot With Jay Rawlings- @GymTimeJay

I had the pleasure of shooting Jay Rawlings, an up and coming men's physique competitor, from the DMV. Jay has placed high in all his debut shows in 2013 (You can check his pictures from the show and where he placed by checking NPC News Online). We were able to shoot these photos in the Hanover Powerhouse Gym in Maryland which was an ideal location. The gym is wide open with a feel of a huge warehouse filled with everything you need to be a beast. They have the normal gym equipment that you can expect but in the corner of the gym you will notice all of the advanced beast mode like equipment and accessories. Big tires, small tires, hammers, and anything you can think of to switch up your workouts. Jay and I connected on this shoot bringing a clean fitness magazine style and look. Check out some of the photos below and make sure to check out the full album on my Facebook Page at Bobby Bandz Photography. I would love to hear your feedback and comments.