Rashad's VIP Birthday Bash At Opera Lounge D.C

I had a good time at this event. The location was Opera Lounge in D.C and my boy Rashad was celebrating his birthday in VIP (obviously). Rashad and his crew always do it big whenever they are in town, so I told Rashad I would look out for him on his birthday and shoot some photos. When I walked in it was already slammed with people but luckily their VIP table was in the perfect location. Clean leather couches, tables with bottles of the best liquor, and beautiful people everywhere. I couldn't wait to go to work. I was equipped with only my Nikon D3200 and external flash so it was easy to navigate through the crowd with no body guards needed. A few bottles came in from the cocktail waitresses and at that point everyone started to really enjoy themselves. Within 90 minutes I was already about 150 photos in which surprised me. Time flies when your having fun  Here are a few of the finished photos of the event. You can catch the rest of the album on my Facebook page and don't forget to tag yourself.