Behind The Scenes With Baby Roman and His Family

If you know me then you understand how important family is to me. If you don't then let me explain a little.  To make a long story short, I grew up and was raised by my grandparents due to the fact that my parents weren't ready for such a responsibility. It probably sounds worse than what it is but at the time it my family made the right decision. Looking back on it I am beyond blessed because my family did whatever they thought would be best for me and my future. Growing up I didn't realize how lucky I was to live under a roof, go to private schools, play sports, and live how I did but after I got a little older I really started to look back on my life and started to understand that my family was and still is a huge reason why I am where I am today. Without the help of my grandparents and family each taken an opportunity to raise me who knows where I would have ended up. When I was presented with the opportunity to shoot the Kasper Family it was truly a blessing. It was something I couldn't pass up. Seeing a whole family with 2 great parents and 3 amazing healthy kids is something I truly admire and respect. There are a lot of kids out there, myself being one of them, that don't have or didm't have a parent or both parents around. The Kasper kids are still so young that they really don't know how good they have it but one day they will realize how great their lives are with 2 amazing parents that love them to death and sacrifice so much to make sure they have a successful life. I know Mr. and Mrs. Kasper personally and both of them give it 120% all the time. This power couple is truly amazing and Ive admired them from day 1 so being able to put this photo shoot together with their beautiful kids and new born really meant something to me. Here are a few of the photos I took of baby Roman and his family. If you would like to see the full album, go directly to my Facebook Page.