Tou and Kristine Phung's Virginia Wedding

I had the opportunity to shoot my good friends Tou and Kristine Phung's wedding on 9/22/2014. What an amazing experience that took place at a catholic church in Ashburn, Virginia. We started off the day around 8:00 am at the hotel where the bride and brides maids were all getting their make up and hair done while trying to finish up some last minute gift ideas for the guests. You can feel the excitement, anticipation, stress, and love as soon as you walked in as the time was passing by. The anticipation was building every minute until finally the limo arrived and we were off to the church. I met up with the groom and groomsmen at the church to get some behind the scene shots prior to the ceremony starting. What a feeling! I never been married but I can just feel the anxiousness from everyone especially Tou who was pacing back and forth checking his phone every minute. Once the ceremony was over Tou and Kristine and their families all had smiles on their faces. It was a beautiful site to say the least and the energy was building preparing for the festivities to come. I know Tou had a lot planned for the post celebration because he owns a DJ & Lighting Company called KTS Productionz, who was already at the venue setup and ready to get the night started. To say the least this wedding was a hit and I know everyone that attended can attest to what an amazing night! 

Good luck to Tou and Kristine and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

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